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Eastern Africa Rapid Response Grant

Community Centred Conservation (3Cs) in Tanzania

Terrestrial Protected Area
Local Communities Indigenous people Youth
Livelihoods/alternative economic activities Protected Area Management Effectiveness (PAME) Awareness/education
Tanzania, Eastern Africa

Protected and conserved area(s) concerned

Udzungwa Mountains National Park (UMNP), Tanzania

The BIOPAMA AC Objectives addressed

To maintain livelihoods and/or enhanced resilience of local communities to major shocks caused by COVID pandemic, whilst effectively contributing to protected areas management. 

Priority need addressed

Livelihoods of local communities

Project activities

  • Identification of 500 vulnerable women and youth who have been most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This will be done with the neighbouring communities.
  • Securing of tools and materials required to carry out conservation work
  • Establishment of 5 teams of 100 people each to work on conservation activities within the park
  • Educating the 500 people on the importance of conserving the park and how it supports their livelihoods
  • Engaging the 5 teams in conservation activities namely. Boundary clearing and repair; Fire-line clearing; Road/track/trail maintenance

The change the project implementation will bring for the protected area(s)

The implementation of the project will bring a lot of change not only to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park but also to the local community at large. Through this project the number of tourists in the Park will significantly increase since the nature trails and drive routes in the Park will be easily accessible, poaching and other illegal activities in the Park will be reduced due to increased number of patrols that will be conducted by the Park Rangers, also the awareness of the local community concerning the importance of biodiversity conservation at the Park will be increased.  Based on the aforementioned change expected to be seen in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park the project will also contribute to the improvement of livelihoods and resilience of local communities through various conservation activities that will require the involvement community members such as management of drive routes and nature trails.

Download the project infofiche.

Implementing organisations

Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF)

Udzungwa Mountains National Park/Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA)

Photo credits: © John D. Shirima

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