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The BIOPAMA Action Component is a grant-making facility that will fund small and medium grants for targeted actions, by enabling protected area agencies, NGOs, local communities and other key conservation stakeholders to effectively address identified priorities for actions in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

The BIOPAMA Regional Observatories for Protected Areas and Biodiversity support data collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting. The data and information generated by these Regional Observatories help identify where actions on the ground are necessary to improve the protected areas status and their conservation outcomes.

The objective of BIOPAMA Action Component is to improve biodiversity conservation in priority areas
through funding tangible on the ground actions.

From knowledge to action, the BIOPAMA Action Component is addressing key management and governance issues identified by diagnostic tools. Co-benefits for human well-being, livelihoods, as well as for climate change mitigation and adaptation actions, will be explicitly sought whenever possible.

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